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TV Star, Actor, Director, Producer - Alan Dysert has over 30 years in the entertainment industry. He has helped over 3,000 students reach their potential.

Services: Classes and Workshops

The Actor's School offers classes and workshops with Alan Dysert and other respected instructors from many professions including film, music, and other entertainment industries. Small class sizes allow the student maximum attention and an intimate learning environment. From commercial to film to voice-overs, find a class here that will improve your skills and take you to the next level!

5-Week Class Starting Next Week.
Thursday Evenings
7:00 to 9:00
$195 per 5-week session

Alan Dysert, best known in the United States as “Sean Cudahy” on ABC-TV’s top-rated soap opera, All My Children, was a full contract player for five years, performing in over 500 episodes.

Alan’s portrayal of this character put him on the cover of “People Magazine” and made him a very much in demand guest on such national shows as Regis and Kathie Lee, Sally Jessy Raphael, The Merv Griffin Show and The Mike Douglas Show as well as all the major talk shows at ABC affiliates across the United States. The shows Alan did for All My Children are still playing in many countries outside the U.S.

Not restricting his career to soap opera, he has appeared in national commercials, prime time television, film. Alan was cast in two feature films last year and has served as Executive Producer on four other feature films. Alan also directs commercials and produces music videos.

Alan trains actors and performers in many cities including Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Nashville, Memphis, Indianapolis and others. In Nashville, he has made notable contributions as the acting coach to the country music stars. He prepares recording artists for their music videos and consults their record companies on television projects and performance development.

In this workshop, Alan focuses on the realities of acting in front of a camera whether it is for a film, a soap opera, a situation comedy, a commercial or a music video. As acting for the camera is very different from acting for the stage, it is essential that anyone wishing to pursue a career as an actor learn the hows and whys of acting for the various mediums.

Alan brings years of practical experience as a working actor and film producer to these workshops designed to educate students regarding realistic and usable approaches to acting and the business of acting. He uses frequent performance in front of the camera for all students to help them become more comfortable and relaxed with the on-camera process. Having spent twelve years in Los Angeles, six years in New York and a great deal of time in Chicago and Nashville, Alan teaches his students how to get started in the business as well as finding work in all of the major markets.

Class sizes are kept small to allow for greater personal attention. Students work with scripts from films, sit-coms, soap operas and commercials as well as participate in improvisation exercises.

Alan’s approach not only enhances the seasoned talent’s performance with additional training, but also provides those with little or no acting experience a non-threatening environment for acquiring the skills that will prepare them for future performance in front of the camera.

Alan’s advanced acting class is on Wednesday nights. The first time he works with a student, he usually bring them into the Thursday night class.

Call The Actors School (615) 500-7661 or email:



alan suit sm1 Tuesday Afternoons   ONGOING 5 WEEK SESSIONS FOR KIDS!
Start Any Time! Every Tuesday
4:30 to 6:00
$195 per 5-week session

I am looking for young actors that really want to learn what acting is all about and hopefully learn how to get paid to use the skills they learn. There will be assignments and memorization work. The class will be fun, but there will be very low tolerance for any student that distracts others from their work. The hope is that this group of young actors will continue to study together after the first six weeks. I want this to build into a class for young actors wishing to pursue acting as a possible future career. As these young actors get older they will be able to move into the professional teen class that is already
in place.


· Audition Skills
· Memorization Techniques
· Focus and Concentration Exercises
· Scene Work
· Monologues
· Set Etiquette
· Introduction to Improvisation

The parents will be brought into the program for the beginning of the first session and most of the last session. In the last session, we will discuss the business side of acting and how to get the students involved in the film and television projects that are being produced in Tennessee.

The classes will be set up in 5-week session. Any missed classes can be made up.

Class fee: $195 every 5 weeks.

To register please email Alan Dysert:



alan suit sm1 Thurs. Afternoons   ONGOING 5 WEEK SESSIONS FOR TEENS!
Start Any Time!
Every Thursday
4:30-6:00 pm
Missed classes can be made up.
$195 per 5-week session

I am looking for teen actors that really want to learn what acting is all about and hopefully learn how to get paid to use the skills they learn. There will be assignments and memorization work. The class will be fun, but there will be very low tolerance for any student that distracts others from their work. The hope is that this group of teen actors will continue to study together after the first five weeks. I want this to build into a class for teen actors wishing to pursue acting as a possible future career.


· Audition Skills
· Memorization techniques
· Focus and Concentration exercises
· Scene Study
· Monologues
· Set Etiquette
· Introduction to Improvisation

We will discuss the business side of acting and how to get the students involved in the film and television projects that are being produced in Tennessee.

To register please email Alan Dysert at: or call (615) 500-7661.



MelindaHS zps4b9109e3 9/19   Tuesday Evening <br>MEET THE AGENTS SERIES: MELINDA EISNAUGLE
7:00 to 9:00
Your Career Investment: $45.00

As The Avenue Agency’s director and agent, Melinda Eisnaugle has been booking actors in movies, commercials, tv series, print work, etc., throughout the southeastern region for over a decade. Creating long standing relationships with her talent, national casting directors, producers, directors, and ad agents alike, Melinda is going to share with you what you won’t ever see as a working talent — behind the scenes of the industry!

Every talent has a question they are scared to ask, but this class will give you a safe place to get answers without judgment or embarrassment.

Need to tape an audition that will get you booked on the job? Now is your chance to learn how to simplify the technical so you can focus more on your craft!

Do you know what a casting director or agent is looking for when you audition?

Get the inside scoop on what catches our eye, and nail your next big audition!

Does the idea of a cold read turn your stomach?

Learn how to quickly dissect a character and your sides to hone in on what matters most!

For 15 years, Melinda Eisnaugle has been booking and managing talent in the southeast, Los Angeles, New York, and internationally. Her journey in entertainment started as a child talent and gives her the advantage of understanding the full scope of what a talent needs in order to be successful in today’s market. Coupled with her experience as a booking agent, Melinda has insights that will give you an edge over the other talent on your agent’s roster. Find out how to get on your agent’s A list to get the audition!

This workshop will also dispel myths about agents. Learn what to expect from your agency – and what your agent should be able to expect from you! Find out what an agent does day to day. Find out from the source answers to your questions. Position yourself to be your agent’s FIRST call and build a thriving career!

The Avenue Agency is a full service SAG-AFTRA franchised booking agency located in Nashville, TN. The Avenue’s talent are booking across the southeast, including Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Florida. What are talent & clients saying about working with The Avenue?

“I’m so impressed with how first class the whole experience with The Avenue is!”

“When the one in charge [on set] asks who my agency is and I say The Avenue, there is always a positive response and words of how highly they think of you.” —Kerrye Lebovitz, actress

“I just wanted to say you rock. Seriously. You have good talent and you handle your business the way it should be handled.” -Chad Kinkle, director

“I’ve been using The Avenue for over 10 years. [Melinda] knows her talent really well, which is extremely helpful when I’m casting.” -Holly Allen, Casting Director

“Thank you for representing great talent. You have no idea how happy I am when I get to hire one of your talent, [it makes] my job so easy . . .” -Jennifer Bonior, producer & director

“We want to thank you for all you do. We couldn’t ask for a better agent . . . and friend.” -Jaeson Morris, Parent of child actors

To register please call 615-500-7661 or email:



joeheadshot 9/23   Saturday   GROWING YOUR VOICE OVER BUSINESS with JOE LOESCH

9am to 1pm

Your Career Investment: $195

Location: Joe’s Digital Studio 5532 Maplesong Drive, Nashville, TN 37211

Okay you’ve launched your small business, you’re auditioning, you’re making contacts but nothing is happening. What to do now? There’s a lot more to voice acting than you realized, but Joe can put it in simple terms for you and guide you to your next steps. If you find networking, social media and new technology to be minding boggling, we’ll iron it all out for you on this day!

This class is good for all working actor’s who take their business seriously. What should you be doing to further your career? Are you waiting for your agent to do it for you?

​Sign up today, and lets get this show on the road!

To sign up for the class please call (615) 500-7661 or send an email to:




Regina Moore

9:00am to 4:00pm

You’ll learn advanced audition techniques, scene work, improvisation, while learning what Casting Directors and Talent Agents really have to say.”
“It can be difficult to relax when the actor walks through the casting door,” says Moore. “This workshop helps each actor shed their fears and get comfortable as the casting room process is revealed.” Come see it from the Casting Director’s perspective. Regina offers her knowledge in a nurturing and positive manner creating a comfort zone for actors to excel. Regina relates to the actor regardless of whether they are a beginner or a professional. As an instructor, she is known for her ability to recognize potential and encouraging the growing actor with her straight forward, no nonsense approach.

Regina Moore has been in the entertainment industry for over 30 years. First an actress, Regina is now a casting director in the areas of film, television, commercials, print, music videos, and live performances. She is, without a doubt, the busiest casting director in this region. She casts feature films, TV pilots, commercials, music videos and all other areas of on-camera performance. This is a rare opportunity to be one of a small group to study and audition for this very in-demand talent specialist in an intimate and informal atmosphere.


· Advanced audition techniques
· Scene work
· Improvisation
· How casting directors and talent agents communicate
· Important relationships for performers
· Learning who you are professionally
· Promotional materials and marketing yourself
· First impressions
· Evaluations


Please email Alan Dysert at or call (615) 500-7661.



houston 9/30   Saturday <br>STUDIO SINGING 101 by PRODUCER P.T. HOUSTON 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Studio singing is quite different from live performing. Learn the techniques the pros use to achieve excellent vocals. This class will be held in a recording studio where we will cover how to use proper mic placement, headphone position, vocal coaching and more . Each student will be able to record 1 song with top producer P.T. Houston. You can provide your own song or choose from our abundant catalog.

Houston is a seasoned recording engineer/producer who has spent the last 12 years in the trenches recording songs for the hit songwriters in Nashville. Houston is one of the top tracking engineers in town, and his clients trust him to get the sound they need so their songs can be pitched to stars like Tim McGraw, Lady A, Rascal Flats and many others. In music row’s fast paced and demanding recording environment, Houston has honed his skills and is a master at creating demos that sound like records. His recordings have also helped several up and coming artists land their record deals. His background also includes recording in LA and New York, as well as touring the world as lead guitarist with legendary country star, Freddy Fender. He has played guitar for Randy Meisner from the Eagles, as well as Billy Swan, and Phil Everly from the Everly Brothers. He offers extraordinary backing vocals for his clients, acoustic and electric guitar, keyboards, drums and percussion when needed. He is multi-talented and has a keen ear for getting the best performance out of the artist. Clients credit “Off the Row” and Houston for getting the best tracks in town, definitely Nashville’s best kept secret.

To make a reservation call (615) 500-7661 send an email:



ROBIN DAUGHERTY cropped for web 228x300 10/3   Tuesday Evening<br>AUDITIONING FOR THE CAMERA   LEVEL II   with ROBIN DAUGHERTY
6:30 to 9:00
Ages 10+ – Class Limit: 10
Price: $75

Prerequisite: AUDITIONING FOR THE CAMERA, Level I (or at the instructor’s discretion).

Be prepared to work fast, and learn a lot in the process! In this follow-up course, you’ll learn even more tricks of the trade for on-camera auditioning. The majority of class time in Level II is spent working in front of the camera, with short audition scripts, provided via email a couple of days in advance (or bring your own!).

This class will address your specific audition stumbling blocks which are standing in the way of your audition success. We will analyze your audition script, rehearse it, tape it, analyze your performance, and tape it again, as many times as time allows. This is a great opportunity not just to learn from my experience, but from each other’s as well.

For the past 30 years, Robin Daugherty has been taping auditions and coaching actors at talent agencies, production companies, and casting agencies, in Minneapolis, New York, and Nashville (“over 15,000 times…”). For several years, Robin organized a yearly panel at the Nashville Film Festival entitled “The Art of Auditioning.” A Nashville native, Robin’s acting adventure started at the age of 6, with an appearance at Chaffin’s Barn Dinner Theatre, which his uncle John had started a year earlier. That same year, Robin was hired on as a recurring cast member on the “Romper Room” kids’ show. At age 11, Robin became the youngest member ever of the Tom Tichenor Marionette Troupe, and at 14, he received a Young Filmmaker’s Commendation from the Sinking Creek Film Festival (which evolved into today’s Nashville Film Festival). Since then, Robin has worked in many areas of film, television, and theatre production. Currently, Robin can be seen starring in a handful of TV commercials, music videos (Thompson Square, Ryan Follese, Rivers and Rust), several web series, episode 102 of BORN AGAIN VIRGIN on TVOne , episodes 304 and 402 of ABC’s NASHVILLE, as well as the films CHANGING HEARTS (2002), CHASING GHOSTS (2015), PATERNITY LEAVE (2015), REMEMBER THE GOAL (2016), WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH GERALD? (2016), and COUNTRY MUSIC (2018). In the summer of 2015, Robin won the Best Actor award at the 48-Hour Film Festival for the short film, WHEN TO END. In spring of 2016, he received the Best Supporting Actor award at the 54-Hour Film Festival for the short THE ASSASSINATION OF KELLY CLARKSON. Robin studied TV/Film Acting at the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Vanderbilt University.

To sign up for the class please call (615) 500-7661 or send an email to:




Saturday, March 12th from 9:30 to 4:30


Location: Joe’s Digital Home Studio 5532 Maplesong Drive, Nashville, TN 37211


*Learn from an award winning character voice actor and spoken word producer

*Find out what a day in the life of a character voice actor is like

*Record in class, get immediate feedback and keep what you record

*Learn how to market your new skill and how to get yourself in the marketplace


Joe Loesch has been doing this type of work for over 20 years. He’s found a niche for himself and he’s willing to share what he know with you. Join Joe for a fun-filled Saturday and learn how to discover those voices within you and launch your new character voice career!

Find out what it’s like to be a character voice actor! Learn from Joe Loesch an award winning character voice actor and one of the busiest voice actor’s in the business. This workshop will be a real eye opener! You’ll build your confidence every step of the way! Learn what ADR and looping is all about as you replace cartoon voices from a scene from the movie “CARS”! Discover the range of your voice and find characters hidden within. Learn to determine how a character voice should sound based on photos and/or illustrations. Discover how characters are built on attitude. Find out how narrators go from character to character and back to narrator when sharing a fascinating story. Your confidence level will skyrocket on this day! Guaranteed to be one of your most enjoyable days ever!

Joe Loesch is an award-winning producer, author, teacher, actor, model, and voice-over talent. Born in St. Louis, Joe moved to Los Angeles when he was twelve. He studied acting at the Pasadena Playhouse under the direction of the late Agnes Morehead of Bewitched fame. Joe was nominated ‘Spoken Word’ Producer of the Year by AFIM Indy Awards. He has won multiple Silver Microphone and Crystal Jade awards. He won the Early Childhood News Directors Choice award. His “Abraham Lincoln Logues” book with audio was voted as a top ten children’s book by Chicago Parent Magazine and is now available at Ford’s Theatre, Washington, DC. Starring in dozens of TV commercials, Joe has endorsed Sun Sweet Prunes with Barbara Mandrell, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Toyota, Philips Magnavox, and many more. Joe and his wife, Lori, currently own and operate, Readio Theatre, LLC, an audiobook production company in Nashville, TN.

To sign up for the class please call (615) 500-7661 or send an email to:



alan suit sm1 10/7   Saturday <br> CAREER BUILDING CLASS FOR ACTORS10:00 to Noon

Alan Dysert will teach this informative and essential class for all actors. Your acting career is half craft and half business. If you don’t have both sides covered, your chances of succeeding are greatly decreased.


Marketing yourself in Nashville · Marketing yourself in Atlanta, Memphis, Wilmington, Orlando, Los Angeles, New York & Chicago · Your front door image/evaluation · Contracts · Actors Unions · Residuals and Profit Participation · Network Contracts · Agents and Managers · Investors for your career · Tax considerations

To make a reservation please call Alan Dysert at: (615) 500-7661 or send an email to:



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