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TV Star, Actor, Director, Producer - Alan Dysert has over 30 years in the entertainment industry. He has helped over 3,000 students reach their potential.

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The Actor's School offers classes and workshops with Alan Dysert and other respected instructors from many professions including film, music, and other entertainment industries. Small class sizes allow the student maximum attention and an intimate learning environment. From commercial to film to voice-overs, find a class here that will improve your skills and take you to the next level!

5-Week Class Starting Next Week.
Thursday Evenings
7:00 to 9:00
$195 per 5-week session

Alan Dysert, best known in the United States as “Sean Cudahy” on ABC-TV’s top-rated soap opera, All My Children, was a full-contract player for five years, performing in over 500 episodes.

Alan’s portrayal of this character put him on the cover of “People Magazine,” and made him a very much in-demand guest on such national shows as Regis and Kathie Lee, Sally Jessy Raphael, The Merv Griffin Show, and The Mike Douglas Show as well as all the major talk shows at ABC affiliates across the United States. The shows Alan did for All My Children are still playing in many countries outside the U.S.

Not restricting his career to soap opera, he has appeared in national commercials, prime-time television, film. Alan was cast in two feature films last year and has served as Executive Producer on four other feature films. Alan also directs commercials and produces music videos.

Alan trains actors and performers in many cities including Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Nashville, Memphis, Indianapolis, and others. In Nashville, he has made notable contributions as the acting coach to the country music stars. He prepares recording artists for their music videos and consults their record companies on television projects and performance development.

In this workshop, Alan focuses on the realities of acting in front of a camera whether it is for a film, a soap opera, a situation comedy, a commercial or a music video. As acting for the camera is very different from acting for the stage, it is essential that anyone wishing to pursue a career as an actor learn the hows and whys of acting for the various mediums.

Alan brings years of practical experience as a working actor and film producer to these workshops designed to educate students regarding realistic and usable approaches to acting and the business of acting. He uses frequent performance in front of the camera for all students to help them become more comfortable and relaxed with the on-camera process. Having spent twelve years in Los Angeles, six years in New York, and a great deal of time in Chicago and Nashville, Alan teaches his students how to get started in the business as well as finding work in all of the major markets.

Class sizes are kept small to allow for greater personal attention. Students work with scripts from films, sit-coms, soap operas and commercials as well as participate in improvisation exercises.

Alan’s approach not only enhances the seasoned talent’s performance with additional training, but also provides those with little or no acting experience a non-threatening environment for acquiring the skills that will prepare them for future performance in front of the camera.

Alan’s advanced acting class is on Wednesday nights. The first time he works with a student, he usually bring them into the Thursday night class.

Call The Actors School (615) 500-7661 or email:

dysert2022 sm 1 Thursdays    ONGOING 5 WEEK SESSIONS FOR TEENS!

Start Any Time!
Every Thursday Afternoon
4:30-6:00 pm
Missed classes can be made up.
$195 per 5-week session

I am looking for teen actors that really want to learn what acting is all about and hopefully learn how to get paid to use the skills they learn. There will be assignments and memorization work. The class will be fun, but there will be very low tolerance for any student that distracts others from their work. The hope is that this group of teen actors will continue to study together after the first five weeks. I want this to build into a class for teen actors wishing to pursue acting as a possible future career.


· Audition Skills
· Memorization techniques
· Focus and Concentration exercises
· Scene Study
· Monologues
· Set Etiquette
· Introduction to Improvisation

We will discuss the business side of acting and how to get the students involved in the film and television projects that are being produced in Tennessee.

To register, please email Alan Dysert at: or call (615) 500-7661.

MelindaEisnaugleNEWphoto 260x300 3/5/24   Tuesday Evening 7 to 9   $59 <br> MEET THE AGENTS SERIES: MELINDA EISNAUGLE

As The Avenue Agency’s director and agent, Melinda Eisnaugle is booking actors in movies, tv series, commercials, print work, etc., throughout the southeastern region. The Avenue has been in business for over 15 years and has offices in Nashville and Atlanta. Creating long-standing relationships with her talent, national casting directors, producers, directors, and ad agents alike, Melinda is going to share with you what you won’t ever see as a working talent – behind the scenes of the industry!

Every talent has a question they are scared to ask, but this class will give you a safe place to get answers without judgment or embarrassment.

Need to tape an audition that will get you booked on the job? Now is your chance to learn how to simplify the technical so you can focus more on your craft!

Do you know what a casting director or agent is looking for when you audition?

Get the inside scoop on what catches our eye, and nail your next big audition!

Does the idea of a cold read turn your stomach? Melinda can give you a simplified process to help you take the fear out of the cold read! Learn how to quickly dissect a character to hone in on what matters most!

For over 15 years, Melinda Eisnaugle has been booking and managing talent in the southeast, Los Angeles, New York, and internationally. Her journey in entertainment started as a child talent and gives her the advantage of understanding the full scope of what a talent needs in order to be successful in today’s market. Coupled with her experience as a booking agent, Melinda has insights that will give you an edge. Find out how to get on your agent’s A list to get the audition!

This workshop will also dispel myths about agents. Learn what to expect from your agency – and what your agent should be able to expect from you! Find out what an agent does day to day. Find out answers to your questions direct from the source . Position yourself to be your agent’s FIRST call and build a thriving career!

The Avenue Agency is a full-service SAG-AFTRA franchised booking agency with offices in Nashville, TN, and Atlanta, GA. The Avenue’s talent are booking projects in Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Florida. What are talent & clients saying about working with The Avenue?

“I’m so impressed with how first class the whole experience with The Avenue is!”

“Thank you for representing great talent. You have no idea how happy I am when I get to hire one of your talent, [it makes] my job so easy . . .” -Jennifer Bonior, producer & director

“When the one in charge [on set] asks who my agency is and I say The Avenue, there is always a positive response and words of how highly they think of you.” -Kerrye Lebovitz, actress

“I just wanted to say you rock. Seriously. You have good talent and you handle your business the way it should be handled.” -Chad Kinkle, director

“I’ve been using The Avenue for over 10 years. [Melinda] knows her talent really well, which is extremely helpful when I’m casting.” -Holly Allen, Casting Director

“We want to thank you for all you do. We couldn’t ask for a better agent . . . and friend.” -Jaeson Morris, Parent of child actors

To register please call 615-500-7661 or email:

Location: 5532 Maplesong Drive, Nashville, TN 37211

AudioBooks are the ultimate long-form narration, but it takes specialized skills to pull it off. Find what it takes to become a professional audiobook narrator. Joe will help you to learn what voice acting skills you’ll need for this two and a half billion dollar business. You’ll learn how to have fun and grow your voice-over career at the same time. Joe has produced hundreds of audiobooks and narrated many of them himself. ​Learn from one of the very best our industry has to offer.

Students who have had at least one class with Joe or previous voice-over experience are preferred for this workshop.

Learn techniques that win auditions and what’s required in this long form reading industry. Joe has been producing and narrating audiobooks for over 20 years. His experience will guide you through the process and quite possibly to your first audio book project. You will record reading from your favorite books which you’ll bring to the workshop. Work with novels, self-help, fiction, nonfiction, children’s books, and history. You’ll learn how to make your character stand apart from the narrator. Develop your character’s attitude! Learn how to find work within the publishing world and how to market yourself as an audiobook personality.

Joe Loesch has produced hundreds of audiobooks for authors such as, Beth Moore, Bill Hybels, Jimmy Carter, Zig Ziglar, Robert Schuller, Jon Acuff, Dave Ramsey and many others. For publishing companies such as, HarperCollins, Thomas Nelson, Pacific Press, University Press, Zondervan, Guideposts, Mission Audio, Oasis Audio, Toy Box Productions, Dalmation Press, Ideals Publications, Warner Brothers and dozens of others. Joe owns his own line of audiobooks under Readio Theatre, LLC. You can check out his line of audiobooks at

To register please call 615-500-7661 or email:

karissawheeler sm 3/9/2024   Saturday   ACTORS OF FAITH CLASS with KARISSA WHEELER

1:00 to 5:00

Price for the 4-hour class: $95

In this class, students will participate in a scene study of scripts from faith-based films and discuss their relationship to the greater narrative of the Gospel.

KARISSA WHEELER is a Nashville and New York-based actor with a passion for using her gifts to tell stories of redemption that inspire lives. Graduating magna cum laude from Sewanee: The University of the South with a BA in Theatre (Honors), a BA in English, and a minor in Dance, Karissa moved to New York City to continue acting training at Michael Howard Studios in Manhattan. There, she was blessed to find a community of believers through The Hang NYC, a ministry for artists in the City, who not only encouraged her artistically but also spiritually.

Karissa loves exploring the intersection of her identity as a Christ-follower and as an artist, analyzing how artistry can be used as a ministry. Ultimately, she hopes that the stories she brings to life can be used to bless other people and bring glory to God, the greatest artist of all!

Film and television credits: Faith-based films- The Least of These, I’m Not Ashamed: The Rachel Scott Story, The Song / Lifeway’s Experiencing the Bible, Nashville, The Messiah / Upcoming: Confessions of a Working Class Girl (2022)

Her most favorite theatrical credits include: Sally Bowles (Cabaret), Katherine Minola (The Taming of the Shrew), Abigail Williams (The Crucible), Kim MacAfee (Bye Bye Birdie), and Lucy (Avenue Q).

To register please call 615-500-7661 or email:



Robin 235x300 3/19/2024   Tuesday from 6:00 to 9:00   $75 ACTING FOR FILM & TV (AFTER 40) with ROBIN DAUGHERTY

For those of you who once were actors, but put that dream aside to “do life,” or for those who are interested in a new, potentially lucrative hobby, this special workshop is designed to provide a comfortable, open environment for actors of “an advanced age.” I will cover the same material as in my regular Auditioning for the Camera class (script analysis, on-camera technique, getting an agent, headshot/resume preparation), with particular focus on current acting opportunities in the Southeast for actors 40 and older. There is plenty of time for Q&A, and each of you will have the opportunity to get up on your feet and in front of the camera, for individual 1-on-1 instruction (with short scripts sent to you in advance). Atlanta is the world’s #1 film and television production center, so now is the chance to dust off your talent, jump back into the game, get that dream going again, and make some extra money having fun!

For over 30 years, Robin Daugherty has been taping auditions and coaching actors at talent agencies, production companies, and casting agencies, in Atlanta, New York, Minneapolis, and Nashville. A Nashville native, Robin started acting at the age of 6, with an appearance at his uncle’s Barn Dinner Theatre. That same year, Robin was enlisted as a recurring cast member on THE ROMPER ROOM educational children’s show. At age 11, Robin became a member of the popular Tom Tichenor Marionette Troupe, and at 16, for his short, TV MIXUP, he received a Young Filmmaker’s Commendation from the Sinking Creek Film Festival, which evolved into today’s Nashville International Film Festival. Since then, Robin has worked in many areas of film, television, and theatre production.

Currently, Robin can be seen in TV commercials, music videos, the sitcom BORN AGAIN VIRGIN on TVOne , ABC’s NASHVILLE, the limited series STRANGER HEARTS, as well as the feature films CHANGING HEARTS, CHASING GHOSTS, PATERNITY LEAVE, REMEMBER THE GOAL, WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH GERALD?, and the critically acclaimed British film, WILD ROSE, alongside Oscar nominee Jessie Buckley.

Over the years, Robin has been mentored by Giancarolo Esposito, Leslie Jordan, Jason Marsden, Michelle Williams, Lucille Ball, Lily Tomlin, and Joan Rivers. Robin studied TV/Film Acting at the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Vanderbilt University.

To sign up for the class please call (615) 500-7661 or send an email to:

MelindaEisnaugleNEWphoto 260x300 3/23/2024   Saturday from 10am to 6pm with 1 hr Lunch Break <br>CRAFT A BELIEVABLE CHARACTER with MELINDA EISNAUGLE



Are you getting auditions? Want to convert more of them into bookings? You’ve learned how to develop a character; how to analyze a scene; how to light & edit your self tapes . . . why aren’t you booking more? Your auditions are not translating to your audience. The answer, PSYCHOLOGY!

In this class, The Avenue Agency’s agent Melinda Eisnaugle, will walk you through the simple steps of helping your audition translate and get you back on the fast track to booking more work using some simple psychological principles!

We will explore the basic human emotions that cross all cultures and how you can trigger those emotions in your audience.

We will take all the good work you’ve done for your character and razor focus it through the lens of psychology. Students will work on scenes with Melinda and their peers to ensure their character’s intent is clear and engaging.

Actors will go home with new tools in their kit to nail 2022 auditions and build their careers. Get back to the basics – back to your career – and back to booking!

Call 615-500-7661 or send an email to: to reserve your space.

This commercial and short-form narration workshop is conducted by Joe Loesch, an award-winning voice actor and demo producer.

Joe hails from Los Angeles but now calls Nashville home.

Prospective buyers want voice actors who can sound conversational. We’ll work with single scripts and double scripts and even end the day with a satirical group participation game show. You’ll learn to make the microphone your friend while building your confidence.

Become more articulate, less distracted, and lose that nervousness in Joe’s Saturday workshop.

Joe’s professional studio is NASA-technology-protected. No virus lives here! Feel Free To Breathe!

Call or text 615-500-7661 or send an email to: to reserve your space.



Gillian Arnold 4/13/2024   Saturday from 10:00 to 5:00 w/ Lunch Break Total Cost: $195 <br> PRACTICAL SKILLS & TECHNIQUES FOR THE FILM ACTOR with DIRECTOR/PRODUCER GILLIAN ARNOLD

This weekend class is designed to help you learn and hone practical skills & techniques for working in front of the camera. What happens when everything you learned and practiced gets changed just before the scene or even after the first take? How do you keep character continuity when scenes are chopped and changed and shot out of sequence? Why is it important to be able to know where you need to be technically and physically in relation to the camera? What is emotional alignment?

When working on camera, the smallest, most subtle movement of facial muscles can speak volumes when seen through the camera lens, thus knowledge and control of your facial expressions are extremely important. You may be asked to do a scene in a way that doesn’t work for you, or you may be asked to “be bigger” or to “take it down a notch” and then be handed a prop to work with that wasn’t there originally. It is essential to be able to incorporate these kinds of directions, as well as to know how to think on your feet and roll with the unexpected changes and distractions of being in a fluid “on set” environment. The skills and techniques covered in this series will give you an opportunity to work with different types of direction, blocking and props to assist you in becoming more experienced and prepared to flow with the spontaneity and detours that can (and often do!) occur on set.

* How to express character ideas to the director
* Ways to accept and incorporate direction without losing focus or performance
* Controlling facial expressions and voice levels
* Coverage & understanding the various camera angles and shots
* Eye lines & focus
* Blocking & hitting your marks
* Working with real props and how to incorporate them into your scenes and dialogue
* Actor continuity
* On-set etiquette

ABOUT GILLIAN ARNOLD – Acting Coach / Director
Since directing primetime drama at 23, Gillian has developed, directed and series produced some of the highest rated television production brands in the world including NEIGHBOURS, HOME AND AWAY, BIG BROTHER & SINGAPORE IDOL.

Her credits also include international expertise, directing the first Pan Asian women’s talk show, as well as setting up Asia’s first English-speaking drama, training actors, writers, and directors. On returning to Australia, she developed and produced possibly the world’s first daily interactive drama GOING HOME, written, shot and aired on the same day, 5 days a week.

She is known as the actors’ director and has worked with such well-known people as Josh Lawson (House of Lies) , Guy Pearce (Memento, Iron Man 3), Alan Dale (The Practice), Ng Chin Han (The Dark Night, Contagion) Ben Mendelson (Bloodline, The Dark Knight Rises).

To sign up for the class please call (615) 500-7661 or send an email to:


Students must have already taken Joe’s “Investigating Voice Over” class or have had past VO experience.

Find Your Character Voice with Award-Winning Voice Actor, Joe Loesch – Discover That Voice Within – Get Immediate Feedback – Have Fun! – Perform With Other Voice Actors – Go Home With New Voices

Discover the voices within you and put them to work! If you’re interested in creating voices for animation,

video games, anime, and even audiobooks, this workshop is meant for you.

Be a part of our live looping session as we replace voices from the movie CARS.

This workshop will break down barriers and help you to excel in any area of VoiceOver.

Joe’s studio is NASA-technology-protected. No virus lives here! Feel Free To Breathe!

Location: Joe’s Digital Studio, 5532 Maplesong Dr. Nashville, TN 37211

JOE LOESCH is an award-winning producer, author, teacher, actor, model, and voice-over talent. Born in St. Louis, Joe moved to Los Angeles when he was twelve. He studied acting at the Pasadena Playhouse under the direction of the late Agnes Morehead of Bewitched fame.

Joe was nominated ‘Spoken Word’ Producer of the Year by AFIM Indy Awards. He has won multiple Silver Microphone and Crystal Jade awards. He won the Early Childhood News Directors Choice award. His “Abraham Lincoln Logues” book with audio was voted as a top ten children’s book by Chicago Parent Magazine and is now available at Ford’s Theatre, Washington, DC.

Starring in dozens of TV commercials, Joe has endorsed Sun Sweet Prunes with Barbara Mandrell, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Toyota, Philips Magnavox, and many more. Joe and his wife, Lori, currently own and operate, Readio Theatre, LLC, an audiobook production company in Nashville, TN.

Call 615-500-7661 for more information or email Alan Dysert at

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