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TV Star, Actor, Director, Producer - Alan Dysert has over 30 years in the entertainment industry. He has helped over 3,000 students reach their potential.

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The Actor's School offers classes and workshops with Alan Dysert and other respected instructors from many professions including film, music, and other entertainment industries. Small class sizes allow the student maximum attention and an intimate learning environment. From commercial to film to voice-overs, find a class here that will improve your skills and take you to the next level!

TeleprompterBasics 7/20/2024   Saturday from 9:00 to 1:00   $195<br>TELEPROMPTER with JOE LOESCH

The TELEPROMPTER is a great tool for working actors (and voice actors alike). Joe will show you how easy working with the teleprompter can be. In this four-hour workshop, you’ll discover the benefits of the teleprompter and how by using this marvelous tool effectively you’ll add more value to your career.

Joe is from Los Angeles but now calls Nashville home. Join him in his NASA-technology-protected home studio. No virus lives here! Feel Free To Breathe!

“Every voice actor should study acting. Every actor should study voice acting.” Joe Loesch

Joe Loesch has produced hundreds of audiobooks for authors such as, Beth Moore, Bill Hybels, Jimmy Carter, Zig Ziglar, Robert Schuller, Jon Acuff, Dave Ramsey and many others. For publishing companies such as, HarperCollins, Thomas Nelson, Pacific Press, University Press, Zondervan, Guideposts, Mission Audio, Oasis Audio, Toy Box Productions, Dalmation Press, Ideals Publications, Warner Brothers and dozens of others. Joe owns his own line of audiobooks under Readio Theatre, LLC.

To register please call 615-500-7661 or email:

Location: 5532 Maplesong Drive, Nashville, TN 37211

AudioBooks are the ultimate long-form narration, but it takes specialized skills to pull it off. Find what it takes to become a professional audiobook narrator. Joe will help you to learn what voice acting skills you’ll need for this two and a half billion dollar business. You’ll learn how to have fun and grow your voice-over career at the same time. Joe has produced hundreds of audiobooks and narrated many of them himself. ​Learn from one of the very best our industry has to offer.

Students who have had at least one class with Joe or previous voice-over experience are preferred for this workshop.

Learn techniques that win auditions and what’s required in this long form reading industry. Joe has been producing and narrating audiobooks for over 20 years. His experience will guide you through the process and quite possibly to your first audio book project. You will record reading from your favorite books which you’ll bring to the workshop. Work with novels, self-help, fiction, nonfiction, children’s books, and history. You’ll learn how to make your character stand apart from the narrator. Develop your character’s attitude! Learn how to find work within the publishing world and how to market yourself as an audiobook personality.

Joe Loesch has produced hundreds of audiobooks for authors such as, Beth Moore, Bill Hybels, Jimmy Carter, Zig Ziglar, Robert Schuller, Jon Acuff, Dave Ramsey and many others. For publishing companies such as, HarperCollins, Thomas Nelson, Pacific Press, University Press, Zondervan, Guideposts, Mission Audio, Oasis Audio, Toy Box Productions, Dalmation Press, Ideals Publications, Warner Brothers and dozens of others. Joe owns his own line of audiobooks under Readio Theatre, LLC. You can check out his line of audiobooks at

To register please call 615-500-7661 or email:

Gillian Arnold DATE: TBA   Saturday from 10:00 to 5:00 w/ Lunch Break Total Cost: $195 <br> PRACTICAL SKILLS & TECHNIQUES FOR THE FILM ACTOR with DIRECTOR/PRODUCER GILLIAN ARNOLD

This weekend class is designed to help you learn and hone practical skills & techniques for working in front of the camera. What happens when everything you learned and practiced gets changed just before the scene or even after the first take? How do you keep character continuity when scenes are chopped and changed and shot out of sequence? Why is it important to be able to know where you need to be technically and physically in relation to the camera? What is emotional alignment?

When working on camera, the smallest, most subtle movement of facial muscles can speak volumes when seen through the camera lens, thus knowledge and control of your facial expressions are extremely important. You may be asked to do a scene in a way that doesn’t work for you, or you may be asked to “be bigger” or to “take it down a notch” and then be handed a prop to work with that wasn’t there originally. It is essential to be able to incorporate these kinds of directions, as well as to know how to think on your feet and roll with the unexpected changes and distractions of being in a fluid “on set” environment. The skills and techniques covered in this series will give you an opportunity to work with different types of direction, blocking and props to assist you in becoming more experienced and prepared to flow with the spontaneity and detours that can (and often do!) occur on set.

* How to express character ideas to the director
* Ways to accept and incorporate direction without losing focus or performance
* Controlling facial expressions and voice levels
* Coverage & understanding the various camera angles and shots
* Eye lines & focus
* Blocking & hitting your marks
* Working with real props and how to incorporate them into your scenes and dialogue
* Actor continuity
* On-set etiquette

ABOUT GILLIAN ARNOLD – Acting Coach / Director
Since directing primetime drama at 23, Gillian has developed, directed and series produced some of the highest rated television production brands in the world including NEIGHBOURS, HOME AND AWAY, BIG BROTHER & SINGAPORE IDOL.

Her credits also include international expertise, directing the first Pan Asian women’s talk show, as well as setting up Asia’s first English-speaking drama, training actors, writers, and directors. On returning to Australia, she developed and produced possibly the world’s first daily interactive drama GOING HOME, written, shot and aired on the same day, 5 days a week.

She is known as the actors’ director and has worked with such well-known people as Josh Lawson (House of Lies) , Guy Pearce (Memento, Iron Man 3), Alan Dale (The Practice), Ng Chin Han (The Dark Night, Contagion) Ben Mendelson (Bloodline, The Dark Knight Rises).

To sign up for the class please call (615) 500-7661 or send an email to:

Two Sessions to Choose From!
Morning from 9:00 to 1:00 or Afternoon from 2:30 – 6:30
$195 for the two-day workshop

Brad Wilson is an award-winning film producer being involved with the production of 40 feature films and television projects to date. His latest film, “The Meanest Man In Texas” was released in 2017 is garnering awards and nominations from Film Festivals around the country.


The Actor’s School is proud to offer this special workshop with a film producer who has worked with some of the greatest actors in the world. These actors include Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Sean Penn, Kevin Spacey, Robert Duvall, Michael Douglas, Tommy Lee Jones, Christian Bale, Michael Keaton, Glenn Close and many others.

Brad, along with Alan Dysert, produced “Becoming Jesse Tate”. This film was shot entirely in the Franklin area. Over 50 of Alan’s students were cast in this film. Brad, along with Alan Dysert, produced the feature film “THE GRIFT”. Over thirty of Alan’s students worked on this film. They also produced “The Ghost Club”, “One of Them”, and “Undercover Kids”.


The spots will go quickly so please don’t wait until the last minute to sign up. Payments for the workshop will need to be in one week prior to the workshop.

To make a reservation call 615-500-7661 or email:


In 1985 Brad Wilson began an eleven-year alliance with Academy Award-winning actor Robert Duvall, operating ROBERT DUVALL PRODUCTIONS in New York. This alliance encompassed eighteen feature films, among them: COLORS with Sean Penn, DAYS OF THUNDER with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, FALLING DOWN with Michael Douglas and the critically acclaimed WRESTLING ERNEST HEMINGWAY with Richard Harris and Shirley MacLaine.

Wilson also worked with Duvall on some of his most memorable television roles, including the CBS miniseries LONESOME DOVE and the HBO epic STALIN shot in location in Moscow, for which Duvall won the Golden Globe for Best Actor.

In 1992 the formation of BUTCHERS RUN FILMS was announced in Hollywood and Wilson as the company’s Vice President of Development and Production. After only two months, the company had closed a deal with United Artists to make A FAMILY THING, based on an original idea from Duvall and scripted by Academy Award winner Billy Bob Thornton and Tom Epperson. The film was released in February 1996, and Wilson was awarded a Humanitas Certificate for his work as Co-Producer on the movie.

Mr. Wilson acquired the rights to EICHMANN IN MY HANDS, based on the highly acclaimed autobiography by Peter Malkin. After Wilson sold the idea of the story about the Israeli agent who captured the chief Nazi executioner under Hitler, Emmy winner Lionel Chetwynd was hired to write the script THE MAN WHO CAPTURED EICHMANN, which aired on TNT in 1996 with Duvall as Adolph Eichmann.

In December of 1995, Mr. Wilson became Vice President of Production of GREYSTONE FILMS. There Wilson produced their first feature production, LUNKER LAKE. This family film inspired the creation of INSIDE OUTDOORS, a weekly television show for TNN, on which Wilson served as Executive Producer. The film LEFT LUGGAGE marked Jeroen Krabbe’s directorial debut and starred Isabella Rossellini and Academy Award winner Maximilian Schell. Mr. Wilson served as Co-Executive Producer on the film, which premiered at the 1998 Berlin Film Festival and took home four honors.

In 2000 Mr. Wilson became Vice President of Development and Production and a producing partner at HEMISPHERE ENTERTAINMENT and produced a slate of films including THE GHOST CLUB starring Britt Robinson filmed on location in South Carolina and released in December 2003. His suspense thriller ONE OF THEM and the family film UNDERCOVER KIDS enjoyed successful releases. THE GRIFT a 1940s period film was shot on location in Tennessee and released in 2007 by SHORELINE ENTERTAINMENT. SET APART starring Richard Roundtree and John Schneider was released in September 2009 by PROVIDENT/SONY FILMS. ANGELS LOVE DONUTS with The Crosswise Players filmed in Dallas and BECOMING JESSE TATE with Amanda Waters and Bailey Ann Borders filmed in Nashville were both released in 2010 by BMG. THREE BLIND SAINTS, filmed on location in Kansas City, was released in 2012. His film SLIP TUMBLE & SLIDE starring Katharine Ross and Scott Wilson was released in 2015, Wilson recently completed the family film CHRISTMAS ON SALVATION STREET, which was released November 2014. MY MANY SONS, based on the life of the most winning basketball coach no one knew, Don Meyer, was filmed in Nashville and was released in 2016.

Mr. Wilson also co-founded POWER IN FAITH and helped develop and produce the critically acclaimed TV drama series called BELIEVERS AMONG US. The first four episodes continue to air on TBN, SKY ANGEL, CORNERSTONE NETWORK, FAITH TV, and TCT NETWORK. The series has won two prestigious Telly Awards, the Aurora Award, two Davey Awards and the Millennium Award.

His films have won awards at the Berlin Film Festival, The American Cinema Foundation, The Chicago Film Critics Association, Emden International Film Festival, Nederlands Film Festival, Westchester New York International Film Festival, Stony Brook Film Festival and The Santa Clarita International Film Festival.

Mr. Wilson is a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and a charter member of the National Radio Hall of Fame of Texas.

Brad is partnered with HIGHER PURPOSE ENTERTAINMENT with Casey Bond.



DATE: TBA – Destin, FL
$195 for this weekend workshop!

Taught by former “All My Children” Star Alan Dysert founder & artistic director of The Actor’s School – Over 20 years as the MOST SUCCESSFUL school for acting for film & TV in the southeast.

Students have appeared in hundreds of movies,TV shows & national commercials.

Past Students Include: Miley Cyrus, Chord Overstreet (GLEE), Annie Thurman (Hunger Games), Claire Engler (Disney A.N.T. Farm), Patrick Johnson (USA’S Necessary Roughness), Rachel DiPillo (NBC’S CHICAGO MED.), Casey Bond (MoneyBall).


To make a reservation call 615-500-7661 or email:




Saturday, Date: TBA

Sunday, Date: TBA


In this workshop, Alan focuses on the realities of acting in front of a camera whether it is for a film, a soap opera, a situation comedy, a commercial or a music video. As acting for the camera is very different from acting for the stage, it is essential that anyone wishing to pursue a career as an actor learn the hows and whys of acting for the various mediums. Students work with scripts from films, sit-coms, soap operas and commercials as well as participate in improvisation exercises.

Alan Dysert, best known in the United States as “Sean Cudahy” on ABC-TV’s top-rated soap opera, All My Children, was a full contract player for five years, performing in over 500 episodes. Alan’s portrayal of this character put him on the cover of “People Magazine” and made him a very much in demand guest on such national shows as Regis and Kathie Lee,
Sally Jessy Raphael, The Merv Griffin Show and The Mike Douglas Show as well as all the major talk shows at ABC affiliates across the United States. The shows Alan did for All My Children are still playing in many countries outside the U.S. Not restricting his career to soap opera, he has appeared in national commercials, prime time television, and film. Alan was cast in two feature films last year and has served as Executive Producer on four other feature films. Alan also directs commercials and produces music videos.

Alan brings years of practical experience as a working actor and film producer to these workshops designed to educate students regarding realistic and usable approaches to acting and the business of acting. He uses frequent performance in front of the camera for all students to help them become more comfortable and relaxed with the on-camera process.

Having spent twelve years in Los Angeles, six years in New York and a great deal of time in Chicago and Nashville, Alan teaches his students how to get started in the business as well as finding work in all of the major markets.

Alan trains actors and performers in many cities including Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Nashville, Memphis, Indianapolis and others. In Nashville, he has made notable contributions as the acting coach to the country music stars. He prepares recording artists for their music videos and consults their record companies on television projects and performance development.

Alan’s approach not only enhances the seasoned talent’s performance with additional training, but also provides those with little or no acting experience a non-threatening environment for acquiring the skills that will prepare them for future performance in front of the camera.

Classes will be held at The New SKyPAC – Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center.

To make a reservation call 615-500-7661 or email:




This class is for kids ages 7 to 11.
Wednesdays from 5:00 to 6:30
Class Fee: $155 for 4 sessions.

This is an ongoing class so students can make up any missed classes. Students never lose a class when they are not able to make a class.

Quinn was born outside of Detroit, Michigan, and moved to Nashville, Tennessee, when she was nine. Soon after the move, Quinn caught the acting/triple-threat bug and has been thoroughly enjoying every chance God has given her to pursue her passion for acting.

Quinn graduated from Lipscomb University with a B.A. in Journalism and enjoys using her degree to create content.

Quinn started training with Alan Dysert 11 years ago and since then has studied with many of the best teachers in the business. She has a true love and calling for working with children. You can see Quinn in her latest film, Remember the Goal, on Amazon. You can find some of Quinn’s other credits on IMDB.

To reserve a space, please email: or text Alan at (615) 500-7661.



SteveHorswill Johnson2 1 INTRODUCTION TO FILMMAKING STEVE HORSWILL JOHNSTON   Overview Of Filmmaking And The Creation Of Your Own Short Film

DATE: TBA – Six Tuesday Evenings
7:00 to 9:00
$295 (plus a $30 materials fee)

You may have the creativity and motivation, but do you have the ability to make a short film? This is the ideal introduction to the reality of filmmaking for people who need to balance their interest with work or other commitments. The course is for students with little or no filmmaking experience who want to learn a basic understanding of the entire film creation process.Each student will work in a team to produce their own short film.

Over six-sessions the course covers the basic aspects of filmmaking, including; story and script development, pre-production planning, shot-lists and storyboarding, directing, lighting and editing.
The class will also tour a working studio in Nashville.

Taught by local producer and actor Steve Horswill-Johnston, students will gain an understanding of the process of making films.

Steve has more than twenty years experience as a television/film producer, radio broadcaster, and communications executive in Los Angeles and here in Nashville. He currently is an executive producer at the international headquarters of The United Methodist Church.

Prior to arriving in Nashville, Steve earned his Bachelor of Science undergraduate degree in Film Production from San Diego State University and attended the graduate program at the prestigious University of Southern California (USC) school of cinematic arts. While attending film school he wrote and produced programs for San Diego public television (KCET), worked on “Simon & Simon” television series and was a radio broadcaster in the San Diego and Los Angeles markets. He has worked on several feature films, including “Pontiac Moon” and “That Thing You Do”. Recently, he was co-producer, writer, and acted in “Becoming Jesse Tate”, a feature filmed in the Nashville area. Steve has produced over 30 short films.

Steve was producer of The United Methodist Church’s first $20 million dollar national television advertising campaign for 8 years and produced over 15 national commercials.

For producing, writing, and directing Steve has received two national Telly Awards, six Axiem Awards for Absolute Excellence in Electronic Media and numerous “Addy” Gold Awards for advertising.

To register, call The Actors School 615-500-7661 or email:




Saturday and Sunday DATE: TBA

Morning Group 9-1 | Afternoon Group 2:30-6:30

Melissa Skoff is a Veteran Casting Director with 100+ feature & TV credits to her name and is also an established Acting Coach who teaches one of the top ongoing Cold Reading and Audition Technique Classes in Hollywood.

Melissa’s career began at Warner Bros. where she cast features and TV. She became an Executive at Warner Bros. Television casting such hit series as “The Dukes of Hazzard” along with many other TV pilots, series and movies. She was also the Sr. Executive in Charge of Talent and Casting for Fox Broadcasting’s “Fox Night at the Movies” division where she gave big opportunities early in their careers to some of today’s biggest stars including Jim Carrey, Ben Stiller, Bryan Cranston, and Paul Reiser. She

also discovered Catherine Bell and cast her in the hit series, JAG.

Additionally, she helped the early careers of such stars as George Clooney, Jennifer Aniston, Vince Vaughn, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and David Spade, to name a few. She was also named one of Hollywood’s Top 20 Television Casting Directors and has been featured in numerous books and publications including Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and even in overseas magazines.

Melissa was a Talent Producer on a sketch comedy pilot presentation called “The Mens’ Room, Associate Producer/Casting Director on the family Xmas film “Elf Man” and Co-Producer /Casting Director on a new film called “The Mule”. She also just completed work on “China Bigfoot: The Legend of Yeren”, “The Perfect Wave” which is a Christian, surfing movie based on a true story, and “The Wonder” which has an international cast including Karl Urban, Toni Collette and Willow Shields from “The Hunger Games”.

Melissa is currently casting several projects including a feature to be shot in So. Africa and an animated project, She has some very interesting projects lining up for this year as well!

Melissa has been a successful Acting Coach for almost as long as she’s been casting. She holds a degree from UCLA’s School of Theater, Film & Television and studied acting from top Hollywood coaches, allowing her to create a method on how to get the job that works! She will cast each student in a scene and will give you the answers to the quiz as to how to create the most effective auditions that can get you the job. Ultimately, no actor books a job who doesn’t impress the producers, directors, studio

& network execs whose projects depend on hiring the best cast available. Having cast and directed thousands of actors, Melissa will show you how to set yourself apart from the others!

The Actor’s School is very fortunate that she has agreed to do two days of casting workshops. There will be two groups of sixteen students only. One group will be in morning sessions on Saturday and Sunday. The other group will be in afternoon sessions on Saturday and Sunday. The morning sessions will be from 9am to 1pm both days and the afternoon sessions will be from 2:30 to 6:30 both days.

If you want this kind of exposure and training, don’t wait too long to sign up. The spots will go very quickly. Payment for the workshop will need to be received one week prior to the workshops.

To register please call 615-500-7661 or email:



seanwhalen2014 zpsefb9286d1 Date: TBA   AFTERNOON COMEDY CLASS for ADULTS with L.A. ACTOR SEAN WHALEN

Saturday Afternoon, Date: TBA
2:30 to 6:30

Sunday Afternoon, Date: TBA
1:30 to 4:30

$195.00 for this 2-day event

You can’t do comedy if you are self-conscious about how you look. Imagine if Jim Carrey wanted to look handsome all the time on camera? You need to embrace your silly side. Sean will play some improv games, facial expression games, body movement games all designed to let kids get out of their heads and embrace being goofy and ready for comedy.

Comedy acting is still acting. The strongest comedy comes from the same rules that dramatic ones do. Conflict, intention, obstacles, specific choices, and the life that happened before the scene being fully realized. Sean makes sure the kids aren’t just “surface” acting but finding the emotional truth beneath each scene. When this is taken care of, the scene is fuller, therefore funnier.

Sean helps “choreograph” a scene like a dance instructor does. What are the beats? What are they doing in each line (teasing, begging, cajoling, manipulating,etc.)? What does that mean to them?

Lastly, Sean makes sure you know what the writers intent is for the scene. What needs to be learned about the character? How does the story move forward? Where are the jokes (Set ups, punch-lines, awkward pauses, etc.)? All of this helps to fully understand the scene while not losing your truthful acting.

Sean Whalen is a working actor, writer, and producer with over 25 years of experience in Hollywood. He has worked in literally every type of genre in entertainment: large studio movies, small independent films, comedy TV, dramatic TV, Soap Operas, children’s shows, commercials, etc. Being involved in the business from all sides has given Sean a wealth of knowledge that he is excited to share with new actors trying to expand their knowledge so they can have a long career in show business.

Sean’s credits include…
A World Without Superheroes – Jersey Boys – Castle (TV Series)- Revenge (TV Series) – Criminal Minds – The Bold and the Beautiful – Lost – Wizards of Waverly Place Halloween II – Hannah Montana – Cold Case – The Suite Life of Zack and Cody – The Closer – Life As We Know It – The Young and the Restless – Scrubs – NYPD Blue – Star Trek: Enterprise – Less Than Perfect – Sabrina, the Teenage Witch – Spin City – Special Unit 2 – Charlie’s Angels – Just Shoot Me! – Nash Bridges – La Femme Nikita – Men in Black – Twister – The Cable Guy – Waterworld – Batman Returns – Friends – Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman – Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation

His first major film role was in PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS directed by Wes Craven. Other films include, TWISTER, NEVER BEEN KISSED, JURY DUTY, THAT THING YOU DO, MEN IN BLACK, EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH, WATERWORLD, BATMAN RETURNS, and HALLOWEEN II. He has appeared in independent features as well including HATCHET 3, LAID TO REST, PYTHON, ALL SUPERHEROES MUST DIE, THE FP. and THE JERSEY BOYS directed by Clint Eastwood.

Television offered many comedic and dramatic roles in shows such as FRIENDS, CRIMINAL MINDS, CASTLE, REVENGE, NYPD BLUE, MY WIFE AND KIDS, NOWHERE MAN, LOST, and JUST SHOOT ME. He’s worked on shows for Disney and Nickelodeon including HANNAH MONTANA, THE SUITE LIFE OF ZACK AND CODY, WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE, and had a recurring on UNFABULOUS with Emma Roberts.

Sean has written several comedy screenplays (one which is currently being produced by Brett Ratner and Jeff Nathanson), TV Pilots, done punch up work on several Disney cartoons, and a couple of short films. One, TURKEY.CAKE. a comedy he wrote and directed won the Rehobeth beach film festival.

Being a character actor, Sean has worked in every entertainment genre imaginable in lower to higher budget productions. Because of this, he understands the craft of acting like no other and understands what directors and producers need to tell their stories.

Call 615-500-7661 for more information or email Alan Dysert at:



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